Top 7 long haul flight life savers

by possandruby

It’s something we all dread the long haul flight – and if you live in Australia (like me) most destinations require a significant amount of time on the plane.  Many people don’t enjoy the ‘getting there’ element of any trip but with a few of these little lifesavers you can enjoy a comfortable flight and hopefully arrive rested and ready to enjoy the adventure ahead.

1. Quality headphones

In the early years of travel I struggled with the crappy airline-provided headphones, they were too big for my head, one side never worked, the wiring was always a little sketchy, the quality of the sound was terrible and you could hear everything going on around you. After being gifted a quality set of headphones my flight experience was completely transformed. They fitted me perfectly, I had great sound quality and I couldn’t hear everyone around me. I am now able to totally tune out and enjoy music and in-flight entertainment.

2. Book – hardcopy or electronic

It can be a tedious process to finally sit in your plane seat – getting to the airport, checking in, going through security, waiting in the lounge, and finally boarding the plane. I enjoy starting a flight with a bit of book time before launching into my movie marathon.  I find this particularly relaxing during the day when you can look out the window and enjoy a glass of wine as you slowly ease into holiday mode.

3. Scarf

I have found on most flights the cabin is quite cold. I would hate to think there is a breeze coming from somewhere thousands of metres above the earth’s surface, but I have yet to experience a flight with good temperature control. Having a scarf or a sarong is really handy as you can wrap up in it and keep warm. This then doubles as one of your key travel accessories acting as a towel, picnic rug, bag, or headscarf. See my packing tips for more uses.

4. Socks

As per item 3, the temperature can be chilly so it’s always handy to take a pair of socks on the plane. Your feet stay warm and if you get the circulation socks they can serve another purpose to help with circulation on the flight and help avoid deep vein thrombosis and swelling.

5. Playlists

Pre-load your phone, iPod, or another smart device with your favourites tunes, TV shows, or movies. Create your own personalised list or use an existing travel playlist.

Check out this travel playlist I created complete with some daggy classics and travel cliches … Poss and Ruby’s Travel Songs

6. Snacks

Let’s face it airline food doesn’t have the greatest reputation so it’s always good to have some snacks on hand. I fill a ziplock bag with a range of treats, this can then continue to be the treat baggie when you reach your destination too. I generally do a healthy one and sweet treats one – you can guess which one goes first!

7. Hydration – Lipbalm, eye drops, facial spritz, water

On the plane the air is quite drying so it’s important to keep hydrated – drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and invest in some great quality travel-size products to hydrate your skin too. Try the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop, particularly the Vitamin E Lip balm and the Vitamin E Face Mist.

Organising these items in advance will help make any flight a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. 

We would love to hear your essential long-haul flight gear – please share in the comments below or share via our social media @possandruby



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Eden May 31, 2019 - 7:01 pm

I agree with everything you’ve got on this list! I also add melatonin gummies to help me get sleepy on these long flights. Otherwise, I’m too excited to fall asleep! I love your idea for a facial spritz too. I’ve never packed that before but it’s a good way to help stay fresh in a dry airplane cabin.


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