Top 9 essentials to pack for summer festivals

by possandruby

There is endless fun and frivolity to be had at summer music festivals of all genres across the globe. The secret to having the absolute best time is packing right. Planning in advance and being prepared will stand you in good stead for maxing out the fun-o-meter at summer festivals.

In the lead up to an event, festival organisers usually outline restrictions of items that are not allowed on site in their social media and on their website. Bag searches often take place at the entrance so it is important to familarise yourself with the rules.  From one day events to multi-night camping festivals being equipped with all the essentials will ensure that you have a brilliant time. A positive trend is that many events are moving toward zero waste.  So be sure to avoid disposable items especially plastics and excess food packaging, wear your green traveller hat for festivals too!

Here are some packing essentials which will enhance your summer festival experience:

1. Water bottle

Hydration is important to ensure you can burn up the dance floor all day and night. A refillable drink bottle is a great way to reduce waste and save money as water is often provided free of charge.

2. Wet wipes

Not all festivals have showers so freshen up with some cleansing baby wipes. There are some environmentally-friendly biodegradable options available.

3. Sun protection

Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Not only do these essentials ensure you look cool but they will also protect you from the hot summer sun. Consider sunscreen that is water resistant so it doesn’t sweat off on the dance floor.

4. Sarong

This useful piece of fabric can serve as many things – shade, blanket, picnic rug, scarf, bag, towel, cape or actually it’s intended purpose of a sarong to wrap around you.

5. Small cross body bag or bum bag

This is the best type of bag to keep you footloose and hands free for the dance floor, bar and portaloos. Get one with a few compartments that you can store your essentials in.

6. Snacks

There is often food available at festivals but sometimes choices are limited and expensive. Bring along a few healthy treats to keep you going throughout the day – fruit, nuts, muesli bars, bliss balls are all easy to pack.

7. Insect repellent

Depending on where your festival is you may meet some mozzies, midgies or even just overly friendly flies.

8. Torch

Particularly useful for camping festivals a small torch helps you find your way to your campsite and help find your way when nature calls at night.

9. Wet weather gear

A waterproof jacket or poncho and some gumboots will make life at a rainy and muddy festival much more bearable.

The key to packing for summer festivals is take only the essentials and pack light. Think about the fact that you may have to carry your luggage into a campsite too. Backpacks are the best luggage type to keep you hands free for processing tickets and donning wristbands.

We would love to hear about your favourite summer festival packing essentials.  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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