5 top tips to be a green traveller

by possandruby

Travel is a wonderful opportunity to discover, explore and experience destinations all over the world and learn about its diverse cultures. Sadly, travel is having an effect on the environment and some of our most amazing destinations are suffering.  Waste, air and water pollution, litter and mass visitation are just some of the impacts. We can all do out little bit to help the environment it’s not hard to become a green traveller.

There are some big choices we can make such as choosing environmentally accredited accommodation, tour operators, food producers and modes of transport.  There are also some really simple small things we can do on every trip even locally, to reduce our impact. Here are five little things to incorporate into your travels to become a green traveller.

1. Take a re-usable drink bottle

Taking your own drink bottle is a great way to reduce the number of plastic bottles used. We have all seen them floating in the ocean, scattered on  beaches and clogging up gutters.  There are some great products available that are really easy to pack. I really like the flat pack pouches that come complete with a clip that can attach to your day pack or handbag.

If taking it in your carry on it is important to remember your drink bottle needs to be empty to go through security. Once through you are able to fill it in most airports from the water fountain in the waiting lounge. Having your water bottle with you will help keep you hydrated especially on a long haul flight.

2. Carbon offset your flights

Many airlines now offer the opportunity to offset your flights carbon emissions by paying a small charge. The airline then channels those funds to projects that remove or reduce emissions from the atmosphere, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation programs. As a green traveller this is a simple action you can take when booking flights, the option is often provided when adding extras such as baggage, insurance and extra leg room.

3. Carry a re-usable shopping bag

Businesses across the world are starting to phase out the use of plastic bags and while this is changing our habits at home we should  continue this into your travel.  Take a small fold up carry bag (or two) in your day pack or handbag they take up very little room and come in handy for shopping. Make sure you choose a bag with long shoulder straps to make it easy to carry around all day. There are many types of bags fold up small and are made from light weight water resistant material.

4. Always carry a re-usable cup

Most people use a re-usable cup at home so why not take one on your travels. Consider the size, weight for easy packing and a liquid tight sealing lid to avoid spillage. Fill it with snacks and/or tea bags in your carry on and use it on the plane. Start your green travel from take off!

5. Walk a little more

Reduce carbon emissions and other nasties going into the environment is a significant step to becoming a green traveller and you can do this by reducing the use of aeroplanes (tricky for antipodeans), cars and taxi’s. Pull on your walking shoes (or thongs for relaxed meandering) and take time to explore on foot. It might take a little longer to get from A-B but you will get a more personal view of the local neighbourhoods and you may even stumble upon hidden secrets. For longer distances try taking public transport, most cities have a metro or bus system or even car share options such as UberPool.

reusable cup
drink bottle
view out plane window

We would love to hear more simple travel tips to help us all be green travellers, share yours in the comments below.


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Carol Kubicki June 13, 2020 - 11:26 am

A great list for green trips. We try and eat and shop local too, supporting small businesses where we can. This keeps the money in the community, rather than paying faraway shareholders.

possandruby June 13, 2020 - 1:39 pm

Me too eating and shopping local is really important to inject funds into the local economy and steer away from those big chain stores. Great recommendation!


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