Exploring Eastern Europe – Solvenia

by possandruby

Slovenia, a country we don’t often hear much about much but it’s popularity as a destination is rapidly growing due to breathtaking scenery, friendly locals, delicious food and a swathe of adventure activities.  Tucked neatly between Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria – Slovenia is easy to access by by plane, bus or train. Read on for some highlights of this amazing country.

Bled and surrounds

Bled is one of the most stunning places to visit, just under an hour from the country’s capital. The beautiful Lake Bled is surrounded by a meandering walking trail and offers a selection of boating options from kayak and row boat rental to the famous Pletna boat experience where a skilled oarsmen will row you across the lake and wait while you explore the central island. The small island in the centre of the lake has a traditional church, gallery, gift shop and cafe.

Walk around the lake and stop in to try the famous signature dish the Bled Cream Cake not dissimilar to a vanilla custard slice. For a generous serve of delicious cake and a stunning view across the lake I highly recommend Cafe Belvedere. Sit on the balcony and take in the expansive, beautiful view.

Whilst Lake Bled is the centre piece of a visit to Bled you should take some time to explore the nearby Triglav National Park. Mountains and streams, lakes and canyons can be explored independently or join a tour. Conveniently, you can access key locations using the local bus for just a few euro each way.  You can walk and explore and return on the bus later.



The country’s capital is home to just 280,000 people and has a historic centre with a bustling, cosmopolitan feel. Cobbled streets are inviting and lined with boutique stores, cafes, restaurants and bars. Ljubljana Castle has been an icon of the city for more than five centuries. There are a range of ways to experience the castle there is independent access or a series of ticketed options. We chose the Time Machine ticket which includes a funicular ride up castle hill and a performance and tour from a series of guides dressed up as characters from various eras in the castles history. This was an excellent way to bring history to life.

There are more than 34 bridges that cross the river that runs through the city and the best way to see them is on a boat tour. There are many vendors selling tickets along the waterfront. For ten euros we enjoy a 45 minute cruise and a complimentary glass of wine. 

One of the highlights for food lovers is Open Kitchen. In a square off the river local food producers set up little stalls and sell tastings of their food. Salami, wine, gourmet hotdogs, cream cakes, curry, mussels …the options are endless luckily the market is open from 10am – 9pm so you have plenty of time to taste everything.

Once you have had your fill of delicious food visit the City Museum of Ljubljana to gain insight into the city’s past. The museum is housed in a former palace and is brimming with information both new and old. There is a great shop and cafe attached to the museum.


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