How to retain your wanderlust during travel restrictions?

by possandruby

Who would have predicted 2020 would start out like this? Unbelievable travel restrictions – international and domestic travel halted, airlines grounded, borders closed and tourism businesses shutting their doors. As we are all well aware, the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic – a global outbreak of coronavirus on 12 March, 2020. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus which is readily transmitted between humans in close contact. As a result of the pandemic significant travel restrictions are in place across the globe.

For those of us who love to travel (almost everyone!) this is devastating news but we all must stop travelling and adhere to the lock down and stay home to get the world healthy again. To ensure our wanderlust won’t fade whilst travel is restricted there are lots of things you can do from the comfort of your own home. Here are some suggestions of activities that will keep your travel spirit alive while grounded.

1. Sort out your photos

In the digital age we often return from trips with hundreds of images on an SD memory card or mobile phone… and there they stay. The current travel restrictions give you plenty of time to actually do something with your images so get sorting! Cataloging and labelling is really important as it is easy to forget where you were and what the name of the place was when you took that amazing shot. Consider creating a photo book or ordering some online prints to re-live your memories and display them around your home.

2. Watch inspiring travel movies

There are so many movies that give you a visual and cultural insight into potential destinations or tell a historical story that brings a destination to life. So curl up on the couch and immerse yourself in a travel movie marathon. Try foreign films too, it may take a little while to get used to reading the subtitles but be patient it is a skill you won’t be sorry your pursued.

3. Read travel books

Lose yourself in travel stories and let the writer take you to far corners of world – visit exotic destinations or take a step back in time with a historic tale. There are many titles both fiction and non-fiction that will feed your wanderlust and have you planning your next adventure locally or abroad. See our recent feature article for a few recommendations.

4. Research future adventures

Whilst the travel restrictions are in place with an unknown end date it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan trips for the future. Use this time to learn about the destinations you intend to visit, look into accommodation options, find out which airlines or driving routes you might take, investigate activities, natural attractions and cultural sites. Look into the local cuisines and maybe even try making a traditional dish at home. Consider review sites like Tripadvisor or other travel blogs like our friend, The Little Wandering Wren.

5. Listen to travel podcasts

There are some excellent travel podcasts that you can provide first hand insight to destinations and travel experiences. Maybe listen while taking your regular walk to stay fit during isolation. Here are our top 5:

6. Plan your future travels

Map out your dream destinations and use our template to write down your bucket list. Take into consideration seasonality, key events, location, cost and even consider physical requirements of a trip. You don’t want to put the hike to Everest base camp too far down the list – none of us are getting any younger!

7. Refine your travel kit

Take stock of your travel gear. What works? What doesn’t? Are there some items missing? Now is a good time to take an inventory and do some research online to fill those gaps. There are lots of buy, swap and sell sites as people are cleaning up during their time at home. To refine your kit use our basic packing list to help stay on track.

8. Create a travel budget

During the travel restrictions it is likely that you are saving some money so why not create a travel budget so you can put those savings to good use?

  • Establish a specific travel savings account where you can deposit savings directly.
  • Make a savings jar or money box themed around your trip so you can drop in any loose change at the end of each day.
  • Create a simple spreadsheet that can record costs for future trips. Take a look at this example to help you with you budget.

We would love you hear how you are keeping the wanderlust alive while travel is restricted. Comment below or share with us on social media @possandruby on Facebook and Instagram.

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