Top travel destinations for 2020

by possandruby

Another amazing year of travel lay ahead and so many incredible destinations to discover! This year I am committing to domestic travel as well as some exciting international adventures. In 2020 the international travel destinations I plan to visit are New Zealand, Laos and potentially Jordan and Sri Lanka.

Travel is becoming more accessible with the increase in low cost airlines and a multitude of reasonable accommodation options thanks to the likes of Airbnb. To help with your decision making I have provided some top destinations for you to consider for 2020. All these places I have visited and experiences some unique adventures. From epic journeys to stunning, remote, natural landscapes there is something for everyone in this collection. Happy travel planning!

1. Iceland

Iceland has been a hot destination for the past few years and recently I visited and found out what all the fuss is about. The country is breathtakingly beautiful from its wild black sand beaches to powerful waterfalls and is definitely well worth exploring. The capital, Reykjavik is extremely walkable supported by a network of buses to get you to attractions and transport hubs. You will certainly need to have sufficient funds for a visit here but if you avoid the peak season (June-August) and take advantage of cost-effective accommodation options such as hostels and Airbnb it is possible to visit within a reasonable budget. 
A note to all foodies, dining out can be expensive so seek out meal deals and happy hours to reduce costs. There are plenty of supermarkets and convenience stores where you can stock up on quality supplies.
 Rent a car and make your way around the island on the 1333 km ring road make sure you follow the road signs and stop in legal camp areas. If time is limited make the city your base and take organised day trips to key attractions. 

2. Bali

For many years I avoided Bali with no desire to experience one of Australia’s favourite tropical playgrounds. Recently, I relented to attend my best friend’s destination birthday celebration and I was not disappointed. Whilst the streets of Kuta are lined with ‘Aussie bars and pokey little shops selling Bintang singlets you can easily curate your own tropical experience with a little research and forward planning. One option I highly recommend is to book a private driver and take a trip inland to visit Ubud. Here you can learn about rice and coffee farming, visit temples and natural sights such as waterfalls and nature reserves. The driver recommended the northern parts of the island which are less crowded and dotted with temples and beautiful scenery. From Australia, Bali is just a short flight from most capital cities so you can enjoy a mini break for just a few days and get your fix of the tropics.

3. Norway

My first visit to Norway was over 20 years ago and the country and people completely captured my heart. Accessible via Europe and the UK, Norway is one of Scandinavia’s most westerly countries. Similar to Iceland, Norway is expensive but with some advanced planning and research you can have an affordable visit. There are trains and low cost airlines that service all the main cities so getting around is not too difficult – car hire is also available. The high season is the most costly in the summer months of June – August and the low season is winter although many attractions are closed at this time.

Climate change has impacted the seasons and in the south significant snowfall is not really seen until early February. Cruising the fjords and hiking the stunning mountain trails are the number one activity along with all the winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, snow mobiling etc. Head north for the best chance to see the northern lights and possibly polar bears in Svalbard.

4. Mongolia

Not a common destination although growing in popularity land locked Mongolia is one of the most barren countries in Asia. The expansive steppe is where the nomadic locals pass through setting up temporary residence called Ger’s. It can take about five people 2 hours to erect a home complete with internal wood heater. Visitors can stay in custom made Ger camps to experience life in the traditional home. The cuisine of Mongolia is a fusion of east Asian foods and hearty Russian fare. Menus often feature meat mostly lamb and dumplings. It’s not a foodie paradise but there are certainly some unique dishes to try. The modern city of Ulaan Baatar is the perfect place to start your adventure. You can arrive by train or at the international airport. Horse riding excursions are popular here and can be booked with a guide for a day or a few nights.

5. Russia

Seeing the colourful domes of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow is an experience that has long been on my bucket list. To stand in the shadow of this iconic building is truly amazing. Russia is the largest country in the world and the history is equally as immense. Get here by direct flight via Europe or board the Trans Siberian Railway from the east and journey through the vast Russian landscape and villages and arrive into Moscow.

The country’s capital, Moscow has much to offer visitors from The Kremlin Museums to the ornately decorated underground metro stations. Experience a classical ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre or cruise the Moscow River. Take a high speed train on to St Petersburg and visit the famous Hermitage Museum – you will need a few days to explore the endless galleries and showrooms of pieces from all over the world. Russia is quite an affordable country and offers all levels of food, accommodation and experiences.

There is sure to be a destination to suit your style of travel in this or the past years recommendations 2018 and 2019.

We would love to hear where you are planning on going in 2020 and beyond. Please share in the comments below or tag our social media @possandruby

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